Adult Acne? Household Products That You Should Make Part of Your Beauty Ritual


Adult Acne? Household Products That You Should Make Part of Your Beauty Ritual

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In a perfect world, all traces of acne would vanish once you receive your high school diploma. Unfortunately, clear, flawless skin is not the gift with purchase that comes with your college freshman orientation. Adult acne has become more and more common over the years largely due to elevated levels of stress and consumption of pro-inflammatory food. 

Luckily adult acne is rarely as bad as your puberty battles with acne. Adult acne are more of pesky irritations that are easy enough to deal with if you have the right products lying around. I’m not talking about pharmacy grade acids to scrape your skin clean, sometimes the most common household products can be just as effective in banishing your bumps. Here are a few pantry essentials that can double as your anti-pimple best friends. 

1.) Garlic

The unassuming recipe staple packs more than just a flavor punch. It’s natural antiviral, antiseptic and antioxidant benefits means it can also do wonders for treating stubborn skin bumps. As an added bonus the sulfur in garlic also helps dry up your pimples rapidly

To apply on skin, use a fresh clove of garlic and grind it to a paste, Rub the paste on your pimple and leave for five minutes before washing off with warm water. Repeat several times a day for faster results. 

2.) Baking soda 

Baking soda has been lauded as a great multipurpose product in the kitchen, but did you know that it’s pretty useful in your beauty arsenal too?

Praised by those with especially sensitive skin, baking soda can dry up pesky bouts of acne minus the sting of your run-off-the-mill pimple cures. To use on skin, create a thick paste with baking soda, lemon juice and a bit of water. On a clean face, apply the paste like you would a mask. Leave on until you feel a bit of tightness on the skin. Be careful not to let it stay on skin for too long, as it might cause dryness. 

Wash off with water, and apply a thick moisturizer after. This can be done up to twice a day for faster results. 

3.) Peppermint

Everybody loves a dash of peppermint on anything, from their toothpastes to their lattes. But this powerful herb does more than just add a refreshing zing. The soothing effects of peppermint can also do wonders on raging acne flareups. 

To make full use of it’s antibacterial and antiviral properties, crush some peppermint leaves to release the juices. Spot treat pimples by dipping a Q-tip in peppermint juice and leave to dry. Wash skin with cold water after to seal in the benefits to your skin. 

4.) Egg whites

Have leftover eggs from your brunch festivities? No problem! Aside from being a filling dose of protein for your body, applying egg whites on skin also combats acne and the protein can help with skin cell repair. Oily-skinned gals swear by this affordable home cure to keep excess sebum (which causes pimples!) at bay. 

To use, separate the egg whites from the yolk, and whisk until bubbles form and let stand. Meanwhile rinse your face and pat dry. Use your fingertips to apply the egg whites on to skin in layers. 3-4 layers is ideal, and add a little more on problem areas and your T-zone where excess oil tends to build up. Allow the mask to dry (around 15-20 minutes) and rinse it completely with water. Follow up with an extra creamy moisturizer and wake up with baby soft skin. 

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