5 Key Pieces You’ll Need To Start Your Summer With a BANG


5 Key Pieces You’ll Need To Start Your Summer With a BANG

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It’s official – the summer season has finally started, and warmer days are up ahead, at least during the next couple of months! With that said, you can now shrug off spring’s clothing layers and bare some of that skin!   For most of us, summer is all about the beach and achieving that perfect tan, or fun road trips with friends and family, basically just enjoying and livin’ the summer-lovin’ life this season brings us – all while looking chic and fantastic in key pieces that are perfect for the weather.   And so I bring you 5 key pieces you will need to start your summer right:   High-Waisted Shorts  

love21-womens-contemporary-high-waist-shorts Love21 Women’s Contemporary High Waist Shorts

  What’s summer without some shorts? Shorts in whatever style has never gone out of fashion and it has stayed on top of the summer fashion trends year after year, so it’s definitely a must-have this season!   This year the go-to style for this key piece is the high-waisted shorts. The trend has started strong this spring and will continue on during the summer months. What’s great about the high-waisted trend is that it flatters every body type! High-waisted shorts accentuate our behinds, elongate our legs, and highlight our waists – something only a few select pieces can do!   If you still don’t have one, grab yourself a pair to wear to your first summer event!   Summer Dress  floral-print-stretchy-open-back-surplice-slip-dress-sundress

Floral Print Stretchy Open Back Surplice Slip Dress

  The sundress is another key piece that should be a staple in every woman’s summer wardrobe by now. Light and flowy fabrics are perfect for the hot and humid weather, and perfect for making you feel sexy and feminine too!   This year, the hottest summer dresses are the slip dress and the off-shoulder sundress. Both types of dresses have been topping the fashion trends lately, on and off the runway, and are perfect choices for getting that chic and fabulous look for the warm weather we’re having!   Striped Top

striped-organza-ruffle-cami TIBI Striped Organza Ruffle Cami

  Stripes has always been on the top of the sartorial pile of fashion trends year after year, especially when spring and summer months come around the corner. Wearing anything striped will definitely come off as trendy, but if you want to up your fashion game this year, the key piece to wear is a top.   Be it a shirt, a cami, or a cropped top, stripes add that “French chic” vibe to any summer outfit. Classy and summery, these striped tops can easily partner with bottoms for either a casual day at the beach, or for a dressed up night of partying.   Kimono

 forever21-womens-tasseled-floral-print-kimonoForever21 Women’s Tasseled Floral Print Kimono

  Summer doesn’t necessarily mean it will be hot all the time, so you better be ready with some light cover-ups that would enhance and not ruin your summer outfit! Enter the stylish kimono top for your cover-up needs. This boho chic key piece is perfect for layering – light and airy enough for the warm weather, but still offers a layer for that cozy effect.   Shop for kimonos here!   Romper

 forever21-womens-pink-oh-my-love-floral-romperForever21 Women’s Pink Oh My Love Floral Romper

  While you can’t go wrong with basic summer staples such as shorts and stripes, the trendiest, boldest, and most stylish key piece to wear this summer is undoubtedly the romper. The romper is considered as one of the most versatile trends to hit this season, as not only is it uber comfortable to wear, it’s also available in styles suited for literally every occasion you might think to encounter this season!   Shop for rompers here

Former model and Miss Universe Canada 2003 contestant turned author and actress has a passion for fashion! When she's not writing or on set, Hazel loves giving beauty tips on hair, make-up, skin care, and fashion, so that you can become a better, fabulous, you.

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