3 Key Beauty Trends For That Summer Goddess Look


3 Key Beauty Trends For That Summer Goddess Look

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Beauty trends are a dime a dozen in this day and age, gaining popularity from fashion runways and street style alike. Season after season, the powers that be introduce tons of hot, new beauty trends. Naturally, things can get really confusing! Let’s face it; most of these beauty trends are simply too avant-garde or too high fashion to be worn day in and day out! Can you imagine wearing neon green eye makeup to the office? Simply not suitable!


Needless to say, there are still many beauty trends that are wearable, more so now that summer has started and we’re all looking for new ways to beautify and style ourselves to look like summer goddesses, yes?


Buckle down and read on, for I’ve searched the highs and lows of the online fashion and beauty world, and came up with 3 key wearable beauty trends that will help us look like summer goddesses for this season of sun and fun!




Nothing makes a woman look more like a summer goddess than a face that's natural, dewy and luminous! So we can safely say that a minimalist approach is best - avoid heavy makeup, moisturize well, and try this key beauty trend - the face gloss!


MAKE Face Gloss

What is a face gloss? It's similar to a highlighter that you apply to the high points on your face you want to spotlight, such as the bridge of your nose, temples, cheekbones, and eyelids. The gloss will catch the light as you move, giving your face a luminous and fresh-faced effect. This is the ultimate product for glowing, radiant and dewy skin --  just what we have in mind for that summer goddess look!




Summer calls for dressed down hair, so we're doing away with those hard-to-style updos, and what-have-yous that call for intricate hair braids of some sort! Easy peasy is the theme for hair this season, but even easy hairstyles call for chic trends! Here are 2 beauty trends that are oh-so-easy and effortless to manage!



1) Marc Jacobs Fan Hair Comb, 2) Avigail Adam Leaf Hair Clip, 3) Avigail Adam Fairy Hair Comb, 4) Chloe + Isabel Bun Cuff, 5) Free People Stone Bun Cuff


Hair Clips & Hair Combs


If you have to style your hair up for let's say, a summer wedding, hair clips/hair combs are the way to effortlessly achieve that chic summer style. It was seen on the runways of Rodarte and Dolce & Gabbana - gold/silver floral, Baroque-inspired and celestial hair clips or combs that look so romantic and chic when added to a lazy updo. There's no trick or style to it, just wear it however you like! Easy, right?


Bun Cuff


Another trend making its way to the forefront is the bun cuff. It's so perfect for the summer, for those warm and lazy days when you just want to put your hair up in a bun (be it messy or not) for the day and not worry about how you look. Just put your hair in a bun, and clip it with the bun cuff. Uncomplicated and chic in no time at all!




Another hot summer beauty trend is the bronze eyes/lids makeup look. Summer is always about bronzes. Sunset-worthy colors and shades of bronze were all over the runways for Spring/Summer 2016 - Michael Kors, Adam Selman, and Derek Lam, for instance. It's an easy and effortless look to pull off that looks great on anyone! As one popular makeup artist said - warm matte tones like bronze will enhance every eye color there is, and add a touch of warmth to your face. So what better way to achieve our a chic summer look look than by wearing bronze on our eyes?


Lancome Hypnotic Eyes Color Design Eyeshadow


Stila Baked Eyeshadow Trio

max factor

Max Factor Wild Eye Shadow Pot

Former model and Miss Universe Canada 2003 contestant turned author and actress has a passion for fashion! When she's not writing or on set, Hazel loves giving beauty tips on hair, make-up, skin care, and fashion, so that you can become a better, fabulous, you.

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