Follow These 3 Hot Summer Trends NOW


Follow These 3 Hot Summer Trends NOW

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With the warmth and fun that comes hand-in-hand with the summer season, a host of new trends can be seen all over the world of fashion. And like the changing of seasons, we are also seeing changes when it comes to what’s hot or not in fashion.


Trends come and go, but you can certainly come up with a number of fun and chic outfits to rock all season long. Being the fashionistas that I know you ladies are, I am bringing you 3 of the hottest summer 2016 trends that you definitely need to add to your summer wardrobes -- Stat!


Cactus Prints


Move over, palm tree prints – cactus prints are hot and totally trending right now!

 cactus print1) KENZO Cartoon Cactus Print & Flock On Cotton T-Shirt, 2) Forever21 White & Green Cactus Print Canvas Plimsolls, 3) Zaful Scoop Neck Sleeveless Cactus Print A-Line Sundress, 4) Sonix Cactus iPhone Case, 5) Knot Sisters Cactus Top


We’ve been seeing the cactus print in action for a while now, being used in home improvement decor such as wallpapers, pillow prints and home accessories. And with the actual plant gaining more and more popularity, we all knew it will translate to the fashion world sooner or later!


For some it might hold meaning – the cactus plant is hardy and can weather anything without it withering, kind of comparable to some of life’s hardships we go through, yeah? What better way to remind us of our everyday triumphs by this bold print? It's a fun and refreshing print perfect for the new season, as palm tree and pineapple prints have, in my opinion, overstayed their welcome!


Clothes or accessories – we are definitely loving the cactus print trend so join us and be hip, chic and trendy this summer! Shop the cactus print trend right now!



Gingham Prints


Aah, gingham prints! Nothing makes us happier than seeing this print come back year after year to dominate spring and summer trends. This year, bolder gingham prints are what’s hot, with more accenting and color added – as shown on the runway by design labels Marc Jacobs, Thakoon, Victoria Beckham, and Zac Posen, to name a few.


gingham print

1) Jack Wills Colliton Gingham Cami Damson, 2) Forever21 Boxy Gingham Plaid Shirt, 3) Tuckernuck Light Blue Gingham Scarf, 4) LeSportsac Voyager Backpack, 5) TJ Maxx Canvas Lace Up Gingham Shoe, 6) Kendall + Kylie Organza Pleated Skirt in Gingham


What’s great about gingham styles this year is that they are bolder, more creatively styled, and can be worn in sophisticated ways that can take you from day to night!

Shop the gingham print trend here!



The All-White Ensemble


This is probably one of the hottest trends to hit us this summer season. This year it’s all about looking fabulous while rocking an all-white ensemble – it’s chic and minimal, with clean lines and silhouettes that will make you feel fancy and classy from head to toe all summer long!


Jack Wills Charlesworth Lace Insert Crew in White


We’ve been seeing celebrity style icons rock the all white ensemble, like Olivia Palermo, Taylor Swift and Solange Knowles, to mention a few. We can all take a page from their style books and try out the hot all-white ensemble trend this summer!



Jack Wills Thurloxton Full-Skirted Dress in White

Which of these 3 trends do you think you'll be wearing this summer?

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